Below are some indicative but completely customisable workshops that I run periodically, if you are looking for a to participate or host a workshop, cooking class or talk at your venue or home simply get in touch below. 

#1 Healthy Eating Every

Half Day Workshop to Empower & Cut the Confusion

This half day class is about empowering you with the information you need to make healthy decisions every day. 

Food is key to helping us feel good, maximising our well-being and staying healthy. We want to be healthy, but with all the messages that bombard us it can get confusing and we end up not knowing what 'healthy eating' actually means. This half day session is about...

  • Cutting through that confusion 
  • Teaching you how to make good food choices 
  • Sharing through cookery demonstrations quick, easy and delicious meals
  • Planning meals that meet optimal nutritional needs

#2 Food for Life: Kickstart Your Health - 7 Week Series

The Power of Food for Healthy Weight Management

Food education classes based on the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine's (PCRM) evidence based approach.

The guiding principle of the Kickstart approach is not restricting amounts of foods but rather choosing the right foods. Weight loss, lower cholesterol, better diabetes control, lower blood pressure, as well as improvements in energy and mood are just some of the many benefits people experience with this evidence based approach, designed by doctors, registered nutritionists and dietitians. This is not about dieting, it's a way of life.

Through a weekly series of classes, you'll discover which foods are optimal for weight management, learn about various health topics including blood pressure and digestion, and get empowered with the practical cooking skills needed to help you on your journey to better health. All the recipes you'll learn are cheap to make, delicious, easy and take under 20 minutes. 

#3 Sensational Summer Salads

Moving Beyond Lettuce for Hearty, Fulfilling Meals

3 hours 

The sun has arrived and our bodies crave fresh, delicious and healthy food. Learn how to make the most of the new seasons fresh produce and take your salads to the next level with Rowena

 “I'll share with you the benefits of plant-based foods through a range create highly nutritious and delicious salads that are quick to prepare and versatile. I'll show you a range of time saving tips and how the different ingredients we use will benefit your health." Rowena Humphreys
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