12 Months Till Vegan ebook: The easy to follow, month by month guide to going & staying vegan


12 Months Till Vegan ebook: The easy to follow, month by month guide to going & staying vegan


Many people want to get more plants on their plates and to incorporate more vegan dishes into their diets - this e-book helps them do that. The e-book, which comes in PDF format, takes a unique approach to help people to go vegan gradually over the course of one year giving time to embed long-term changes. Whether you want to go vegan or not this is a super easy to follow guide that will encourage, inspire and inform. 

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Welcome to 12 months Till Vegan! Rowena and Brighde, have created this book just for you. People are becoming vegan for many reasons, health, ethical, and environmental but it doesn’t always comes easily. This unique approach helps people to go vegan gradually over the course of one year giving you time to embed long-term changes.

Each month, we give you a challenge, and then each month, you build on that with something new to try. You’ll practice and become a master of that, and along comes another month. So, in month one, you’ll start by having five vegan breakfasts; in month two, you’ll make vegan choices in restaurants (as well as your five vegan breakfasts a week), and in month three, you’ll make vegan lunches (as well as make vegan choices when dining out and have five vegan breakfasts a week). Before you know it, you’ll be making so many vegan choices that the transition to a fully-fledged vegan will be easy!

Each month we follow the same approach and give you: 
A New Challenge: You will have one month to practice the new ‘challenge’ and by the end of the month, you will have mastered that one. Then, you will be ready for the next month and the next challenge!
Delicious Recipes: For each month, you will find recipes that will help you complete the month’s challenge as well as tips for finding and creating your own recipes. 
Film Recommendations: Films are an easy way to be introduced to new ideas and new ways of living. For each month, we have included a film or documentary recommendation that will get you thinking about vegan-associated issues from a different perspective. 
Inspiration: We love to inspire and so give you quotes and interesting information that will inspire and surprise you
Bonuses: You will also get extra bonuses, and extra tips from us to help you on your way.

"Making the transition to a healthful, plant-based lifestyle easy as vegan pie, 12 Months Till Vegan has got you covered; from simple recipes and meal planning to timeless resources, you'll find everything you need to start living vegan-style today!"

Kristin Lajeunesse, founder & author of Will Travel for Vegan Food

"The 12 Months Till Vegan guide is just what you want to read when you start dipping your toe into the plant-based diet. It gently shows you the way to make the transition painlessly and fun with excellent tips, easy to make recipes, book and film recommendations, and more. If you feel overwhelmed but really want to make this compassion and practical change to a vegan lifestyle follow along with this guide!"

Christy Morgan, author of Blissful Bites, blogger and Yogi blissfulandfit.com